Constitutional Provision on Education in India

Constitutional Provision on Education in India

Do we know the constitutional form of education in India? As a student, you should know it. It is not taught in school except for some of the basic points that are covered in the syllabus. Let's have a look at some of the points that a part of the constitutional provision of education in India.

1) Free and compulsory education: It states that free and compulsory education should be provided to children till the age of 14. It is the right of each child to have primary education.

2) Educating minorities: It states that children of every religion and culture should get primary education as it is their right. They have the right to get admission in the institute of their choice. There should be no discrimination in giving placement or admission to colleges or institutes.

3) Language: It states that a citizen residing in any part of the country, having different language have the right to conserve the same. A linguistic officer can be appointed to investigate the matter in case needed.

4) Education for the weaker section: It states that schedule tribes and schedule caste should be given education and the government should provide these sections of the society with special care and protect them from social injustice.

5) Secular education: The state or Government should not be aiding funds on the basis of any religion to the institution. The institution shall not propagate any religion or should not give instruction about any religion.

6) Equal opportunity: Each child has the right to equality. It says that no distinction can be made on the basis of race, caste, religion, or position. Everyone should be considered equal and no one should be denied for their rights in the name of religion.

7) Instruction in mother tongue: It states that a child has the right to study on one’s own language. A state should make all the arrangements to provide education to a child in their mother tongue.

8) Promoting Hindi: Hindi is the official language of India. The educational system should contribute to the promotion of Hindi as a language to strengthen the unity of India.

9) Higher Education and Research: It states that Delhi University, Banaras Hindu University, and Aligarh Muslim and other institutions as declared by the parliament are of national importance.

10) Women’s education: It states that there should be no discrimination on the basis of sex. Women should be given the right to education and it is only to provide them the status of equality.

11) Education in union territories: It states all union territories should be administered by president. The administration goes on as per the requirement of the so-called union territory.

12) Education and cultural relations with foreign countries: It states that there should be active participation in international conferences, associations, and other bodies. The decision taken there should be implemented for the betterment of education.

The constitutional education in India is formed in such that each citizen will get their right to education.

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